Thursday, 3rd November 2016
9:00-10:00Doors open - take a coffee!
Welcome and opening panel, Ingeborg-Meising-Saal
10:00WelcomeProf. Dr. v. Klinski Vice President
Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin
10:10Update about the Association for Geoinformatics, GeoIT and Navigation ( / Blaschke / Nowak Board
Prof. Dr. Roland WagnerAssociation for Geoinformatics, GeoIT and Navigation
Track 2 - Ingeborg-Meising-Saal
11:10Tech Trends in GeolocationJustyna RedelkiewiczEuropean GNSS Agency (GSA)
11:30Galileo and other innovation in Qualcomm Snapdragon platformNazeman HamidQualcomm
11:50Dual frequency for consumer applicationsManuel Del CastilloBroadcomm
12:10GNSS RAW measurements to develop innovative applications on AndroidEd ParsonsGoogle Inc.
12:30-13:30Lunch break
Track 1 in C20 SLAM RevolutionBernd
13:50Where is the crowd – large scale pedestrian analytics at massive eventsMatthias JoestHeidelberg mobil international
14:10Seamless navigation from Outdoor to IndoorRasmus S. Andersen, David FrickeMapsPeople,
14:30Where can I park? Smartphone-Enabled Car-Navigation in parking decksAlexander SüssemilchEDAG
Track 2 in Ingeborg-Meising-Saal
13:30Roads with Large Speed Variance: Detecting and Processing Lane Specific TrafficDr. Nikolaus WitteTomTom
13:50Android and Building software for (Self-Driving) CarsPhilipp KandalTelenav
14:10HERE Open Location PlatformDaniel Kraus, Nicholas Goubert HERE
14:30Wearable Apps in Sports Technology and beyondMartin TreiblmayrGarmin
Track 3 in C24-Galileo Hackathon talks (open to all)
13:30Hackathon launchJacopo OvarelliEuropean GNSS Agency
13:50Launch of Galileo-enabled BQ Aquaris X5 PlusAlvaro FructuosoBQ
14:10Galileo testingsMichele BavaroEU Joint Research Center
14:30Introduction to GNSS RAW measurements provided by Android NougatLukasz BonenbergNottingham University
13:30Funding opportunities at ESA BICAngelika DanielsEuropean Space Agency
Hackathon continuous in Hackathon Space in Foyer until Friday 12:30 h
15:00-15:30Coffee break
Track 1 in C20
15:30OSM goes indoors with Railways with SNCFAntoine RicheCarto'Citè
15:50Railway station data quality in OpenStreetMapDr. Roland OlbrichtMentz GmbH
16:10State of Indoor Mapping, OpenStationMap and -Navigation @ Deutsche BahnAxel Sommer, Roland WagnerDeutsche Bahn AG - Mindbox
Akaparis GmbH
16:30Simple Indoor Mapping in OpenStreetMapSimon PooleOpenStreetMap Foundation
Track 2 in Ingeborg-Meising-Saal (C16)
15:30Report on Open Auto Drive Forum

Open Lane Model (
Dr. Volker Sasse,
Dr. Martin Pfeifle
NDS e.V. President, Visteon
15:50Guidance in OSRMJohan UhleMapbox
16:10EVroute – Dedicated Routing for Electric VehiclesSidonia IlieESRI
16:30Public Transport Infrastructure as a ServiceUlrich Strötzdoor2door GmbH
Track 3 in C24
15:30The role of Satellite imagery in the Autonomous Vehicle revolutionLuca PerlettaDigitalGlobe
15:50Clouds as clouds: A 200 layers WebGL weather mapTimmo Freudl-Gierke, Patrick MastMeteoGroup, Ubilabs
16:10From Berlin to the whole world in 3DProf. Dr. Martin KadaTU Berlin
16:30Mobility Data Driven by Carsharing - Analysis and PredictionBenjamin Brombach, Willy RiechertCarjump, GHM Mobile Development
16:50-17:00Short break
Jan NowakAssociation for Geoinformatics, GeoIT and Navigation
18:00Get together with wine and beer
19:00Get another beer in Eschenbräu, Triftstraße 67, D-13353 Berlin, 6 Minutes Walk
Friday, 4th November 2016
9:00Doors open - take a coffee!
Track 1 in C20
10:00Creating Accessible Insight: Adventures in Open Source Location TechnologyJaak LainesteCarto
10:20Introducing the GraphHopper Directions APIPeter Karich, Stefan Schröder Graphhopper
10:40Making ticketing seamlessFlorian StockMotionTag UG
Track 2 in Ingebord-Meising-Saal (C16)
10:00Project Stadtpilot - autonomous driving in urban trafficMartin EscherTU Braunschweig, Institute for Flight Guidance
10:20Predicting spatio-temporal traffic patterns with Deep LearningFelix KundeBeuth University
10:40Validation of HD Maps for Automated DrivingDr. Ilja RaduschFraunhofer FOKUS
Track 3 in C24
Track 3 - Workshop in C24
Cluster ICT-Media and Creative Industry Touch-DownMarisa Neubert and Manuel FriedrichBerlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH
11:00Coffee break
Track 1 in C20
11:30Wheelmap <3 Augmented RealityHolger DieterichSozialhelden e.V.
11:50Aerial large scale landmark detection via deep learningManuela RasthoferTerraLoupe
12:10A slippery affair! Support snow clearing and gritting service companies in route planning, navigation and controllingHenry Michels, Oliver SchaeferIVU Traffic Technologies AG
Track 2 in Ingebord-Meising-Saal (C16)
11:30OSM History Big Data Analytics for Quality Control in OpenRouteServiceProf. Alexander Zipf et al.University of Heidelberg
11:50Dude, where to charge my car?Achim FriedlandGraphDefined GmbH
12:10Industrial Use Cases for GeoIoTDirk SlamaBosch Software Innovations
Track 3 - Cluster Workshop ZAB Brandenburg in C24
How to build up a new and autonomous e-Traffic concept –

Autonom fahrende Kleinbusse

Project Case Tropical Islands -
Situation – Ideas –

Call for Project Partners
Christoph Galle, Dennis Bohne, Holger Michelmann, René Fischer,

Roland Wagner, Jan Nowak
ZAB Brandenburg,

Interlink GmbH, Tropical Island Management GmbH, Association for Geoinformatics, GeoIT and Navigation e.V.
12:30Move to Ingeborg-Meising Saal
Track 2 in Ingebord-Meising-Saal (C16)
12:40Trends in GeoITProf. Dr. Thomas BlaschkeAssociation for Geoinformatics, GeoIT and Navigation
13:00LBS Trends:
Observations from six years of #geomob
Ed FreyfogleGeoMob London, OpenCage Data
13:20Galileo Hackathon AwardsWinner & JuryEuropean GNSS Agency (GSA)
13:40Lunch Break
14:30Barcamp Sessions
14:40WardexplorerJez Nicholson
15:00Towards a Cognitive Spatial Quantified SelfFrederik WiehrDFKI Saarbrücken
15:00Simplified MapsDr. Nikolaus WitteTomTom
GeoIT e.V. Member Meeting (interested participants welcomed)

*Please note that agenda items are subject to change